Houston 3G and 4G Coverage Issues

I have used all the major networks over the past couple of years.  Now I realize each network will act differently in each area.   I also discovered that sometimes the phone itself makes a difference.(No…Not just the famous i-Phone antenna issue…other phones have similar issues as well)   I live Northwest of Houston but work downtown….Below have been my experiences.


When I was with T-Mobile I had a great signal at home.  I never had any problems there.  When I went to work….I virtually had no signal.   I dropped data and voice signals all day long.  You would think Downtown Houston(A major metropolitan area) would not have these issues.  I checked the T-Mobile website for the data coverage map and see it still hasn’t changed.  See map below:

Bottom Line:  T-Mobile needs to fix their downtown data coverage issues….Please! :)



When I was with AT&T I had a great signal at work(Downtown Houston).  The magical i-Phone worked like a charm!  When I went home…it slowly died and withered into a dead zone.  Dropped call after dropped call.  The data bars surely must have got tired of playing hide and seek.  I would have been happy with 2G…

Bottom Line: AT&T works great but not outside the major metropolitan Houston area.  It may have been too many iPhones draining the network????  Who knows?



Verizon has never given me any coverage issues.  Even when traveling across country.  Sure…in small parts of desolate Texas you may lose a signal…but usually it comes back because the town you were in only had a population of 6.  The only reason I left Verizon was the nickel and dime treatment I got.  They became too expensive and didn’t offer near as much as their competitors(Sprint, T-Mobile) for the price.   I guess you get what you pay for if actually making a call is important.  :)

Bottom Line: Verizon has the best coverage in the Houston area but cost more.  Sprint and ATT both offer unlimited calling to any mobile phone on any network.  Will T-Mobile and Verizon Follow?



I am with Sprint now.  Honestly I have no major complaints with them.  They have been the least expensive carrier and offer the most for your money(Free Mobile to Mobile on any Network, Calls after 7pm are free and Free Navigation).  They don’t have the best coverage but for me they have worked fairly well in the Houston area.  Sure I may run into some weak zones…but not very often.  I was weary to change hearing how bad they were in the past but no issues so far.

Bottom Line: Sprint has improved a lot over the years.  They are not perfect and don’t have near the amount of coverage as someone such as Verizon and AT&T.  My only beef with them is they are CDMA like Verizon and don’t travel internationally as well as someone such as T-Mobile and AT&T(GSM).  AT&T and T-Mobile can also easily change phones by simply inserting a Sim card.  This is nice when you want to use the same phone on the another carrier or buy a replacement on eBay.  Many people have jail-broken their i-Phones and used them on T-Mobile.  Yes…I know this can now be done with Verizon’s i-Phone too.   I assume it’s a little more complicated though.  Overall Sprint is still the winner thus far while still offering unlimited data.  AT&T has their 2G limits for some, 4G for others and unlimited only for grandfathered people.  Verizon is going to a tiered data plan this summer 2011.  Sorry new subscribers…maybe you will get grandfathered like AT&T did?  T-Mobile does have something close offering 1500 minutes with unlimited data and text for $79.99 which matches the Sprint smart phone plan.  Overall though Sprint wins by the unlimited mobile to mobile on any network and calls before 7pm are free.


Overall I guess it’s up to you, where you live, how much data you use and where your dollar lies.






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